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NeuroomNet Features

NeuroomNet is your soft­ware solu­tion for device management and monitoring, building management, media control, content management, and digital signage.

With a wide range of func­tions, all needs are covered. Discover our nume­rous features!

Media control/script blocks

Use the graphic editor to create logics and auto­ma­tisms in building control. Desi­gned for building management and digital media.


The NeuroomNet Digital Signage Module can bring content such as videos or images to any number of displays in a sche­duled way.

Content Management

With a content management system (CMS), you can inde­pendently update content such as texts, images, and videos.


NeuroomNet moni­tors all inte­grated compon­ents with a monitoring module! Compon­ents are devices, sensors, soft­ware inter­faces, data points, etc.


Switching on and off — time-controlled or manual


Create and use individual user inter­faces

Secu­rity and rights

Secure commu­ni­ca­tion via HTTPS

Visitor flows

People coun­ting for small busi­nesses and retail trade

Access from ever­y­where

Browser, desktop, or mobile

… (even) more features coming soon!