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Access from anywhere — in the browser and mobile

You don’t want to use a building/media control system just at your desk, but from anywhere in the building. And maybe even from afar!

Ther­e­fore, NeuroomNet is web-based. All you have to do is call up the address of your personal NeuroomNet system in the browser, log in with your name and pass­word, and off you go!

Complete opera­tion via the browser

The complete frontend of NeuroomNet is imple­mented in HTML5. This allows access to the system from any work­sta­tion without prior instal­la­tion.

This means NeuroomNet is not only available across plat­forms (PC, Mac, Linux) but also on tablets and mobile devices. Great importance was atta­ched to uniform user guidance and simple opera­tion.

Opera­tion is possible in the internal network or online (via the cloud)!

Access via mobile devices on the road

The main user inter­faces are desi­gned to be “respon­sive”, which means that the layout adapts to diffe­rent reso­lu­tions and screen sizes. Various func­tions that cannot be operated sensibly on small mobile devices and are rarely needed in ever­yday life are auto­ma­ti­cally hidden, displayed in a reduced size, or managed in sepa­rate menus.


For more examples and expl­ana­tions take a look at our documentation.