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What is NeuroomNet?

Manage multi­media instal­la­tions in a simple and effi­cient way

Like a smart home, only bigger!
NeuroomNet is when all your devices commu­ni­cate with each other and can be conve­ni­ently controlled from one device. Safe, simple, smart. Building management, media control, building auto­ma­tion, and building system tech­no­logy from a single source.
Smartphone with NeuroomNet user interface, in the background shopping centre with media technology
NeuroomNet was origi­nally deve­loped for the control of elec­trical devices in museums, but has since become a general soft­ware for:
  • Building management espe­ci­ally auto­ma­tion
  • Management and monitoring of elec­trical devices (inclu­ding media control and digital signage)
  • Content management (head­less CMS)
NeuroomNet ensures smooth opera­tion with mini­mized down­times!
Devices, hard­ware, and soft­ware compon­ents are managed, moni­tored, and controlled via the network.
Auto­ma­tion saves energy, costs, and resources!

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What’s behind it?

NeuroomNet is a soft­ware based on web tech­no­lo­gies. The core is made up of several web servers and can either be installed locally on your premises on a dedicated computer or VM, or operated online on a cloud service. NeuroomNet must have access to the same network in which the devices to be controlled are located!
All func­tions are acces­sible via the admi­nis­tra­tion GUI with a web browser.

What is the purchase and instal­la­tion process?

In the easiest case, you know exactly what you want, select the preferred NeuroomNet package on our price page and request it from us by email or phone. We supply you with the instal­la­tion packages and instruc­tions and you can install the soft­ware on your server hard­ware.
But many custo­mers want advice and support in the process of turning their building into a Smart Building. In that case, we are of course happy to help you select the right NeuroomNet package. During the consul­ta­tion, your needs will be assessed and an individual offer with the recom­mended services will be prepared.
We will be happy to install the system for you. If you do not yet have the appro­priate server hard­ware, we can supply it at the time of delivery.
It is also possible for us to confi­gure the devices, media control, and time control for you on-site and train your staff. In an “all-around happy package,” we accom­pany you from consul­ta­tion, plan­ning, hard­ware procu­re­ment, instal­la­tion, confi­gu­ra­tion, and commissioning to documentation and training of your staff.

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