The management system for media, tech­no­logy & buil­dings

Building auto­ma­tion, building system tech­no­logy, and media control from a single source!

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Safe, simple, smart.

With NeuroomNet, media tech­no­logy, and building control can now be realized even more easily.

NeuroomNet lets all your devices commu­ni­cate with each other and conve­ni­ently control them from one device. Thanks to a conve­nient user inter­face and a wide range of func­tions, costs can be saved. Audio­vi­sual media tech­no­logy, digital signage, and building auto­ma­tion can be seam­lessly connected. Smart switching times and effi­cient device control sustain­ably save energy in every opera­tion.

NeuroomNet in use at:

Expe­ri­menta Science Center

A unique world of know­ledge and expe­ri­ence awaits visi­tors in an area of 25,000 square meters.

Appli­ca­tion areas


Control exhi­bits, switch exhi­bi­tion lights, and manage content!

Science Center

Crea­ting immersive expe­ri­ences, inno­va­tive media tech­no­logy, and imple­men­ting energy effi­ci­ency!

Shop­ping Center

Digital signage, monitoring via widely distri­buted tech­no­logy, people coun­ting

Medical insti­tu­tions

Camera sensors, recor­dings

Skills Lab

Share docu­ments, confe­rence tech­no­logy

Office buil­dings

Confe­rence tech­no­logy, Monitoring of IT tech­no­logy

NeuroomNet in use at:

Loop 5

More than 100 shops, exclu­sive exhi­bi­tions, and extra­or­di­nary events await visi­tors at the shop­ping expe­ri­ence in Weiter­stadt.


NeuroomNet is your soft­ware solu­tion for device management, monitoring, building management, media control, content management, digital signage, and more!

Discover the many func­tions and modules of NeuroomNet:

Building Opera­tions

Auto­ma­tion enables effi­cient opera­tion and cost reduc­tions.

Switching on and off

Timed or manual

Media control

Program intui­tively with script blocks

Digital Signage

The NeuroomNet digital signage module can bring content such as videos or images to any number of displays in a time-controlled manner.

Content management

With a content management system (CMS) you can inde­pendently update the content such as texts, images, and videos.


Create and use individual user inter­faces

Secu­rity and rights

Secure commu­ni­ca­tion via HTTPS

Visitor flows

People coun­ting for small busi­nesses and retail

Access from anywhere

In the browser, whether on a desktop or mobile

NeuroomNet in use at:


The PS.Speicher pres­ents unique, historic bicy­cles, motor­cy­cles, and auto­mo­biles, in scena­rios that can be expe­ri­enced and accom­pa­nied by meaningful multi­media content.

Solu­tion for all plat­forms

NeuroomNet inte­grates seam­lessly into your exis­ting IT infra­struc­ture. Whether your IT prefers Windows or Linux systems, our server soft­ware is opti­mized for both plat­forms and ensures smooth and stable perfor­mance by using well-tuned server hard­ware.

We also offer you the freedom to store your data locally or outsource it to the cloud. Our server soft­ware supports both on-premise and cloud-based provi­sions, so you can choose the optimal solu­tion for your needs.