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NeuroomNet on Micro­soft Windows

Media control, media management and building management on Micro­soft Windows basis

NeuroomNet Platforms, server chassis
In the Windows version, NeuroomNet Server is deli­vered on a Virtual Machine (VM) along­side Windows. This is a Micro­soft Windows Pro version.


The hard­ware supports all NeuroomNet license types and is suitable for large instal­la­tions. NeuroomNet can manage several thousand NeuroomNet compon­ents on this server and control them accor­dingly. All computer compon­ents are opti­mally coor­di­nated to ensure the shor­test possible response times.
The memory space is desi­gned to store even exten­sive setups and to create corre­spon­ding loggings.

Need a lot of storage space? No problem!

The storage space should be expanded if larger data volumes of digital media (videos, images, etc.) are to be managed via the NeuroomNet CMS or used with the inte­grated digital signage module.
Depen­ding on the interval and number of recorded values, for example for heatmap cameras, a memory expan­sion may also be useful.
Further­more, memory made available in the network (e.g., memory in the network) can be used. e.g. a NAS system) can also be inte­grated into the NeuroomNet system.
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Optional hard­ware exten­sions:

It is possible to expand the hard­ware with more hard disk storage as well as manage it in a RAID.
Exten­sions such as redun­dant power supplies can also be made.
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We recom­mend a Windows-based NeuroomNet system if it is expli­citly desired that all network systems of an instal­la­tion are based on Windows, e.g. to admi­nister them with various tools in the domain envi­ron­ment.
It must be kept in mind that the Windows opera­ting system must be conti­nuously updated by your IT depart­ment to prevent secu­rity gaps.
As an alter­na­tive to a dedicated NeuroomNet Windows server, the ‘On Premise’ solu­tion is available, whereby NeuroomNet can be operated on your Windows server in a virtual machine.


Linux-based Neuroomnet Server L4001


The server’s opera­ting system is inde­pen­dent of client-side access to a NeuroomNet system.
Users can of course access the system via all common opera­ting systems with current brow­sers.
NeuroomNet user interfaces on diverse devices and platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS

For more examples and expl­ana­tions take a look at our documentation.