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Visitor count and flow

People coun­ting for small busi­ness and retail

What are heatmap systems needed for?

Not only in times of Corona, people coun­ting systems are a prac­tical means to control customer flows and improve secu­rity (detect occu­p­ancy of rooms, prepare for evacua­tions, etc.). But espe­ci­ally now, in the fight against the Corona crisis, the Asso­cia­tion of German Cham­bers of Industry and Commerce is also propo­sing increased digi­tiza­tion. Since access to stores and hotels is to be limited, digital solu­tions are needed here to inform or even warn users about the density of people. The federal govern­ment also provides finan­cial support to museums and memo­rial sites for corona-related measures that opti­mize visitor control, for example, via heat map systems. But even after the crisis, these systems are still useful, for example, for analy­zing purcha­sing beha­vior and foot traffic in the building.

Advan­tages at a Glance

  • More clarity and trans­pa­rency for custo­mers and employees
  • No personnel needed for additional tasks
  • Low invest­ment for opera­tional safety
  • Anony­mous coun­ting: DSGVO compliant!

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Visitor statis­tics show the utiliza­tion of a building over longer periods. In this way, it is possible to analyze which days or times of day are busiest and weakest.
A dual camera is mounted above the entrance to reliably detect flows of people in both direc­tions. The soft­ware coll­ects the data to deter­mine the number of people in a room. Several cameras can also be connected if there are several inputs and outputs. A corre­spon­ding visua­liza­tion of whether a visitor is allowed to enter the room can be done via moni­tors in diffe­rent sizes or projec­tions, depen­ding on the envi­ron­ment.

People coun­ting for busy envi­ron­ments

Hotels, museums, depart­ment stores, airports, and much more!

Even with multiple entrances and exits, the system can deter­mine and monitor the total number of people. The building can be divided into several areas, which are moni­tored and counted sepa­ra­tely from each other.

How does it work?

All entrances and exits are equipped with sensor cameras. These anony­mously count the people who cross the passages. The soft­ware calcu­lates the total number of people in the moni­tored areas and can show this on any display — e.g. on large screens or small tablets and digital steles, even on cell phones!

Dynamic release and waiting display via floor projec­tion

Grea­test possible atten­tion due to warnings via ground projec­tion

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