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People counting for small business and retail

What are heatmap systems needed for?

Not only in times of Corona are people counting systems a practical means of controlling customer flows and improving security (detecting the occupancy of rooms, preparing for evacuations, etc.). But especially now, in the fight against the Corona crisis, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce is also proposing increased digitization. Since access to shops and hotels is to be limited, digital solutions are needed here to inform or even warn users about the density of people. The federal government also provides financial support for museums and memorials in corona-related measures that optimize visitor management, for example using heatmap systems. But even after the crisis, these systems are still useful, for example for the analysis of buying behavior and frequentation of the building.


  • More clarity and transparency for customers and employees
  • No staff needed for additional tasks
  • Low investment for operational safety
  • Anonymous count: GDPR compliant!

Visitor statistics show the occupancy of a building over longer periods of time. In this way, it is possible to analyze which days or times of day are busiest and least frequented.

A dual camera is installed above the entrance to reliably detect the flow of people in both directions. Software collects the data to determine the number of people in a room. Several cameras can also be interconnected if there are several inputs and outputs. Depending on the environment, a corresponding visualization of whether a visitor is allowed to enter the room can take place via monitors of various sizes or projections.

People counting for busy environments
Hotels, museums, department stores, airports and much more!

Even with multiple entrances and exits, the system can determine and monitor the total number of people. The building can be divided into several areas that are monitored and counted separately from each other.

How does it work?

All entrances and exits are equipped with sensor cameras. These anonymously count the people who cross the passages. Software calculates the total number of people in the monitored areas and can show this on any display – e.g. on large screens or small tablets and digital steles, even on cell phones!

Dynamic release and waiting display via floor projection

Greatest possible attention through warnings via floor projection

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