Home page

The NeuroomNet start page can be accessed via any modern browser. From here you have access to all modules of the system, provided you have the appropriate rights.


The overview plan can be adapted depending on the existing image material and of course changes the view if media are selected in the group list that are located on a different floor or in a different building.
A selection above the map shows the list entry accordingly.
A list entry is a grouping and can be named individually. For example: office, workplace_024, exhibit A1, copy room, workshop, room 254 etc.

Overview and intuitive user guidance are the essentials of monitoring. The map overview interacts with the group list. The group list contains all technical devices, individually grouped according to any category.

Of course, you can add any additional information to the group. What interests you in case of doubt is, for example, the data of the responsible support or pictures of the type number, inspection flaps, etc.

Set up

When the system is set up once, any groupings can be made and easily related using drag-drop.

Components and groups can be provided with images or additional information that can be helpful when operating the system.