Technopolis Mechelen – Science Center

Technopolis, the Flemish technology education center in Mechelen, opened its new immersive, digital space Partnerzone with the exhibition “Zeekracht” (Sea Power).
The media technology, consisting of more than 20 projectors, audio and camera technology as well as the exhibit construction, is controlled by NeuroomNet’s comprehensive media control system.
Immediately after entering the immersive space, projections on the interactive walls and floor create the impression of being on the sea floor. Fish swim around, the bottom moves with the tide.

The interactive walls give visitors the opportunity to build wind turbines, protect whales from underwater noise and create their own waves to generate energy. On a large interactive projection table, they learn what the port of the future could look like, how the port’s enormous energy requirements can be covered by renewable energy and how ships can be refueled with electricity or hydrogen.


PS.Storage – Museum

The PS.speicher presents unique, historic bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles in tangible scenarios and supplemented by meaningful multimedia content. The media technology is automatically started up and shut down by the NeuroomNet control software.

Visitors can discover eight themed worlds and 130 years of vehicle history on 6500 square meters. The exhibition is structured chronologically by decade and encourages active discovery through interactive elements and media stations. With technology to explore and experiment with, the site is an adventure and exhibition park for the whole family.


Loop 5 – Mall

More than 100 stores, exclusive exhibitions and extraordinary events await visitors to the shopping experience in Weiterstadt. Part of the innovative offer are the three interactive installations in the boulevard on the subject of augmented reality, seasons and music. With life-size screens and camera technology, the stations invite visitors young and old to play and have fun. A personal souvenir photo can be called up via QR code and saved on your own mobile device.
The comprehensive media control and data management for the operation of the media technology installations was implemented with NeuroomNet, so that the operating company has full control over whether all media technology components are running correctly. The included content management can be used to import advertising, which is output directly in the station software if required.