Custom software and development

Project-related special solutions

More complex customer and visitor interactions cannot always be implemented with standard products to guarantee an optimal user experience (UX).

Individual software development is worthwhile for interactive games, registration stations, kiosk systems or points of interest with individual designs and attractive graphic interfaces (GUI), animated transitions and dynamic content. This allows the connection of databases and data visualization.


What do you need?

  • Individual, interactive exhibits
  • Interactive feedback stations for customer surveys
  • System for visitor identification incl. Visitor accounts (with anonymized data if required) with connection to RFID or QR codes
  • Elaborate media shows with dynamic elements


We use native applications and web technologies, depending on the requirements.

Using current frameworks, we program client and server applications mostly in JavaScript.


Our expertise:

  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Node.js and frameworks like React, React Native and Express
  • TypeScript
  • Electron.js
  • Unity 3D, C#
  • Android
  • Arduino IDE
  • and many more

NeuroomNet Addons

The basic equipment of the NeuroomNet Software Suite already offers many important, useful features in the field of media control and building management.

Are you missing a feature? Then please feel free to contact us!


Our services include the development of extensions, server services, addons and plugins for the NeuroomNet control software.

Software Components and Client Software

We continuously develop our own software components for use in media installations, building control, museums and exhibitions.


This includes products such as

  • video player
  • audio server
  • Digital signage player
  • Kiosk systems for Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi with URL integration incl. Whitelist configuration options
  • Management of RFID tags
  • Content management systems, etc.


Are you looking for service providers for your individual software? We develop customer-oriented solutions.

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