Building – Technology – Media

the management system


Server-based software solution

NeuroomNet ensures smooth operation with minimized downtime! Devices, hardware and software components are managed, monitored and controlled via network.
Automation saves energy, costs and resources!

NeuroomNet lets all your devices communicate with each other and conveniently control them from one device.

Safe, simple, genius.

Building management, media control, building automation and building systems technology from a single source.

Building operators

Automation enables efficient operation and cost reductions.

Technicians and engineers

Full control and efficient work are made possible by NeuroomNet.


Multimedia is indispensable for modern room experiences. Installations must be implemented in a high-quality and expandable manner.

Specialist and media planner

As an innovative control system for buildings, media and much more, neuroomNet is a future-proof tool.


Monitoring of components in the network

Quick overview due to accurate status display

Search via building plans

Automatic failure detection

Grouping for effectiveness

Extensive recording of status changes

Customizeable UI

Switching on and off – time-controlled or manual

Scheduling – time periods individually adjustable

Switching sequences – switching on and off according to schedule

Media control – logic editor

Actions and events for components

Recurring events

E-mail messages

Individual access rights by means of rights management

Remote Content Management (RCMS) – Distribute media content

Complete operation via the browser

Operation via mobile devices

Secure communication via HTTPS

Science Center

NeuroomNet controls the immersive experience at Technopolis Belgium.


At PS.SPEICHER Einbeck, the media technology only runs when it is supposed to.

Shopping Center

In Loop5’s sprawling building, our central control system is already paying dividends.

Connecting interfaces!

Creating connections across manufacturers.
Unite different platforms and protocols under one interface.



KNX is a system for building automation (old designation EIB). Actuators and sensors are connected via the bus using a two-wire line. Sensors are for example switches, dimmers, motion detectors or temperature sensors.



PJLink is a standard to configure video projectors and monitors via a network interface. With this standard, a manufacturer- and model-independent interface can be used for the configuration and monitoring of video projectors.

DMX / ArtNet

DMX / ArtNet

DMX is a protocol traditionally used in stage and event technology. From small theaters to huge show stages, lighting is realized via DMX. Where mostly light colors and the motorized axes of the head-mounted fixtures are controlled via DMX.

Exhibition API

Exhibition API

The Exhibition API is a proprietary NeuroomNet API. Programmers can use it to connect their software to the NeuroomNet ecosystem. The NeuroomNet monitoring interface can thus directly visualize the status of the connected software.



MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) was developed as a simple, resource-efficient and reliable network protocol for exchanging information between devices (machine-to-machine communication – M2M).



With SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), network devices (e.g. servers, switches, NAS, printers) can be centrally monitored and controlled. Information provided by your network components is registered and processed in NeuroomNet.

Serial / RS-232

Serial / RS-232

When media technology talks about a serial interface, in most cases an RS-232 interface is meant. NeuroomNet communicates via all common serial interfaces, e.g. RS-485 or RS-422.

NeuroomNet is cross-platform, device-independent and mobile.